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Dr. Gaurav Rattan – Sex Specialist, Best Sex Specialist, Sexologist, Sex Specialist Doctor. The Rattan’s hospital is devoted to Generations old indian system of medicine with holistic approach to health care. Dr. Gaurav Rattan (Sex Specialist) & his team make medicine under strict rules of ayurveda i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha and we customize Herbal Sex medicine i.e. your’s medicine is only for you according to your dasha Vata , Pitta & Kapha, That is why we have a very high Success rate because we consider all the aspects in you and your problems & eliminate all problems of yours.

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World Famous Sex Specialist doctors Dr. Gaurav Rattan B.H.M.S. (PB)  (+91-87288-41222)   Dr. SS Momi B.A.M.S. (PB)  (+91-98145-14291)

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There are always little mistakes in our diet, physical & sexual activities which create much disorder in our sexual capacity as well as physical capacity to perform our daily life work. As a doctor we not only provide the best medicines and treatment but also made correction in your diet, provide physical & sexual guidance so that you can live longer with good and healthy sexual life.